The context you need for the code you write is enterprise-ready with on-prem support
Enterprise-ready with on-prem support
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The best developers ask the smartest questions

Can I reuse any existing code?

Are there any relevant PRs?

Who from CS can assist me?

Which documents should I refer to?

How should I test this code?

Who else can help me with this ticket?

Can I reuse any existing code?

Our development team is spread across several countries, which can be a challenge. Naboo keeps us all on the same page, without any extra effort. Now, everyone has the info they need, the moment they need it.

Dor Hanegby VP R&D @ Fido Credit

The context provided by Naboo allows us to understand who in our company can help with each ticket, making onboarding for each task much smoother.

Oleg Rabin Group manager at Perception point

Greater Context for Better Code

Naboo offers organization-specific LLMs (Dedicated RAG) for total code, product, and business context — built right into every step of your development workflow.

Get the Full Picture


Automatically extract relevant information from fractured and forgotten documentation repositories such as Notion, Google Docs or company wikis


Instantly discover which colleagues have the insights you need - whether it’s CS across the hall or a PM across the globe

Code & PRs

Immediately surface any relevant code from any repository, dramatically reducing pesky code redundancies or conflicts


Seamlessly reference important notes from your team’s messaging, meeting, and email apps to capture evolving project specifications

Ask Anything

Naboo transforms your organization’s fractured knowledge into an open book, with the most relevant insights waiting for you in your go-to work apps.

Never Miss a Thing

As companies grow and evolve, crucial knowledge gets lost. Naboo indexes and structures data, providing valuable context to accelerate your team's quality and velocity.

Onboarding New

Syncing with Remote

Integrating Legacy

Merging or Splitting

Managing High Team
Turnover Rates

Capturing Organizational

Complete Code Context in a Click

Integrating Naboo is as easy as using it. Work is going to move a lot faster from here on out.


Fully Streamlined. Totally Secure.

After your team, your organization’s data is its most valuable asset. Naboo supports the former while protecting the latter.

On-Prem Support
Seamless Integration
SOC2 Certification

Smarter Code Starts Here.

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